Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tour de France, 2010

We love Paris in the summer time...the weather was perfect. We did a quick sniff of the city for 2 days, visiting the "must-see" attractions...

Meg ran thru Paris....meanwhile....

Motozo sipped and tasted...


Soon, we were in Champagne country..

Nothing but vineyards and runners..

Bubbly fresh from the...


more vineyards


Lux heights

German solar panels

How about a $4,000 dollar bottle?

Aloxe Corton's wine list, Burgundy

and more vineyards

Brittany beach: We drove clear across France from Germany to the Atlantic ocean.

Penguins do exist in France

Bond, James Bond.

This is not my car

Louis, you shouldn't have...

the opulent Versailles

And back to Paris...1,900 miles in 13 days. Lance Armstrong would have been proud.

Jim Morrison's grave

This is the end


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