Thursday, April 30, 2009

Malaysia, truly Asia...and a little bit of south Vietnam

We went on a 10 day trip thru Malaysia's Genting Highlands, which is 1 hour northeast of Kuala Lumpar, and toured briefly Saigon, Vietnam on the way back to Nippon. Nice to see the parents in top form and even managed to get in 5 runs at altitude in the highlands.

Our annual chess match. We need to get a timer.

The famous Batu Caves. Last time I visited was 17 years ago. Next time: 2026. Where will you be?

A very clever monkey..

Back to Vietnam...the Chi Chi Tunnels north of Saigon. We had a great guide. They fed us homemade potatoes and tea after our ''trek" thru the tunnels.

Where did he come from?

Machine gun Megumi with an AKA 47, the weapon of choice amongst the VC.
And back to business on the track for the monthly 5k time trial. I ran strongly, breaking 20 minutes for the first time in 2 years. I guess the mountain runs in Malaysia helped.


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