Monday, February 23, 2009

New York, NY it's a helluva a town

It was a whirlwind tour thru the tri-state area and Philadelphia. 10 days, 4 states, 8 cities, 3 runs and 1 swim.

Here on the top of the Empire State Building Megumi is admiring the view uptown. We were fortunate to get a crisp clear view of NYC.

Fellow alumni from Binghamton class of 1989.

Cousin Mitch, his daughter Leina, and Meg riding the horses on an ancient 19th century merry-go-round in Central Park.

Gus' wife (polar bear) in the Central Park zoo.

The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Brother Dan, Melanie, Celia, new addition Morty in Melanie's parent's place in PA.

Peter, Joe, Motto
228 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Poker night in Brooklyn.

Peter and family units in Conneticut.

Cousin Marty and family in Princeton, NJ.

Art on the Princeton campus.
The headless tourist...


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