Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bachelor party: Aces over Jacks

Thank you all for making it a memorable experience. Special thanks to my brother Dan who organized the poker game, AC trip, awards banquet/dave trivia quiz/story contest.
Honorable mention: Cousin Mitch: ironman of the weekend for making all 3 events: golf, poker, AC trip. Classic Leyla SOBs tale.
Joe Marino: As usual, storytelling extradinaire; great one on Helene's diet/strike.
Mike Geller: Excellent prowess at the holdem and blackjack tables...will always remember my aces over jacks to win a $250 pot. -_-
Also nice forecasting ability on the lifetime achievement quiz.
Reid Daugherity: Domo for driving up from DC. A nostalgic tale of international pimping at its best in Tokyo.
Whoever thought up that ozzy ozbourne "ironman" song, GENIUS, I tell ya!! Appypolly logies for getting you all kicked out of the bars.
I will see some of you at the wedding.
David Motozo

The ironman chant just sort of came to life.I'm glad we got kicked out of the club precisely when and how we did. Much better story than "...and then the waitress did this thing with her..."I had a great time. Very glad to have met Mike and Reid.I hope we all get together again even if Mo cannot be there. We will gladly toast you. Joe M
If I had to lose all that money, I'm glad I lost it to you, Motozo. Aces over Jacks over Jacks over Aces. It will go down in my all time "bad beats" hall of fame

Next time I tee up entertainment at a club and get asked "what would you like for your buddy? 'slow and sensual' vs. 'wild and crazy'?", I think I'll answer 'slow and sensual'.

See you in Japan for the nuptials!
Dave,Many thanks for inviting me to The Event -- truly an unforgettable evening/early morning! Ah, yes -- international pimping. If only we had eternal youth and an endless supply of cash...Swing easy, Reid
Jeez, Dave; what happened to "what happens in AC stays in AC"? I'm just glad you didn't tell them about the midget tranny hookers, the whipped cream or that oh-so-compromising late-night encounter with the scantily clad Madeline Albright (Reid, I SWEAR I did not tell her you were going to be there; you've GOT to believe me).

Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to discover that I still drink better than I play golf or poker and, most of all, for sharing this once-in-a-lifetime moment with us. I will never forget it (that is, I will never forget the parts that I could still remember when I woke up yesterday).
Big love,
Cuzn Mitch


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