Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ski trip: groovin' in gunma..

When you think about Gunma prefecture, great skiing mountains don't exactly jump out at you. 
But in fact, Kawaba ski resort has some pretty awesome peaks, good snow, and great views. 

And there is Meg looking excited by the view...

And a room with a view..
I am on top of Gunma.

A funny looking rock formation at the top of the mountain. Meg would scale it later..

And day one is in the books...

The next day junior got into the act despite a fierce battle with a fever.

Ty summoned enough energy to ride down the slopes a couple of times on Daddy's skis.

Some of the gang at the Panarama cabin. Many thanks to Emiko and Paul for setting up the weekend in Kawaba naka no village.


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